Paul Lemasson
Landscapes of the Nantes area
paul lemasson cruise on the river paul lemasson seaside
Cruise on the river Erdre
Oil on canvas 44 x 38 cm
Oil on canvas 45 x 37 cm
paul lemasson return of the fishermen
The return of the fishermen
Oil on panel 58 x 43 cm
paul lemasseur boats under the bridge
Boats under the Joneliere bridge on the Erdre
Oil on canvas 63 x 37 cm
paul lemasson seaside at pornic
paul lemasson the beach
Seaside at Pornic
Oil on canvas 45 x 38 cm
The beach
Private collection
Brest - France
Paul Lemasson was also the painter of the sunny happiness and the witness of the calm and peacefull Sundays of the Nantes area and his paintings show the discreet and quiet way of life of is region
paul lemasson landscape with a pond
paul lemasson village with tall trees
Landscape with a pond
Oil on canvas 31 x 47 cm
Vilage with tall trees
Oil on canvas 45 x 53 cm
Dated 1932
These two paintings with so different styles show Paul Lemasson great technical skill for creating his own synthesis between impressionism and cubism in order to give satisfaction to his poetry. With him neither disruption nor revolution but the sweet and kind expression of a gentle dreamer.
paul lemasson loire bank in winter
Loire bank in winter
Oil on canvas 80 x 45 cm